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Business projects

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Paper bag project

This project will produce paper bags for local shops and markets. There has been a huge demand since the Tanzanian government banned plastic bags in 2019. There are currently 5 women participating in this program and producing the paper bags upon request. WEHAF provides them with the material and a workplace.


Mboga Mboga (Farming) Project


The mboga mboga (Swahili: vegetables) project is an agricultural program that has existed since 2018. This project also aims to help women run their own businesses. A piece of land provided by WEHAF can be used free of charge by 10 women. At the beginning we provide them with seeds and fertilizer. From this point on, the women grow their own vegetables and take their harvests to the local markets. You can use the piece of land for one year. This year they can save enough money to rent their own piece of land and continue their business.

Project liquid soap

The liquid soap project was started in 2018. Like the baking course, it is not a regular program. This project was created to give women the skills they need to start their own businesses. About once a month we offer two-day classes where women learn how to make liquid soap. The long-term goal is for women with these skills to then be able to open their own businesses.

The global corona pandemic has increased hygiene awareness, which has a positive impact on demand.


Thedy has lots of ideas and there will certainly be more to present here soon.

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