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Who is WEHAF e.V.?

We founded WEHAF e.V. to support the NGO WEHAF in Arusha, Tanzania with donations to achieve its goal of empowering and supporting women.


We are former volunteers and friends of WEHAF as well as friends who were inspired by the good cause.

Unfortunately, a lot of time passed before the statutes were finally recognized and WEHAF e.V. was entered in the register of associations as a non-profit association on 15.11.2022.
We are convinced that only through the active cooperation of the women and families in need can they maintain their self-respect and not become supplicants.

We are not interested in being one of many associations that also collect money for the poor in Africa, but in ensuring that people from the simplest and most difficult backgrounds can lead a dignified life and that their children can have a better future through better education.

How can we provide support?

First of all, quite simply with donations or by paying school fees.We pass on 100% of the donated money to WEHAF for a specific purpose - either as school fees for a specific child or a specific family, as a salary for the teachers or as a grant for the individual projects. All projects that can be supported are presented under "What WEHAF does".

What kind of association are we?

WEHAF e.V. was founded with the aim of financially supporting the activities of WEHAF in Arusha. We want to facilitate the transfer of money for sponsorship, school and funding. 


However, we see ourselves not only as money brokers, but it is important to us that WEHAF can continue to help people to help themselves, which is why it is important to us that the women are made responsible and give back to WEHAF after successful self-employment to enable the NGO to continue. 

Questions - suggestions?

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