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WEHAF e.V. Germany 

who we are

​The "WEHAF Virus"

In May 2022, we, former volunteers and friends of the NGO WEHAF in Arusha, Tanzania, joined forces to support the strong women of the organization from Germany and Austria.

Who we support

The diverse women's project now enables 262 women and their children to support themselves through self-employment, send their children to school, learn a profession and earn their own living


Why do we support?
WEHAF was founded in 2017 by the Tanzanian Theresia (Thedy) Mollel. Thedy works locally with full commitment to enable women to lead independent lives.
 - Keeping the NGO with its many branches running and enabling as many children as possible to attend school better costs a lot of money and to ensure that this continues to be possible, we would like to Thedy and the NGO WEHAF  support. With donations for the projects, with special sponsorships for the children,  Taking over the salaries of teachers, etc. etc.

Thedy Mollel - Gründerin von Wehaf in Arusha/Tansania

​Latest project

Thedy sees where the woman is in need. In order for the women in the tailor's workshop to learn their craft properly, reusable and washable women were made-bindings were made, which were then distributed to the students in the villages.

This representse Thedy noticed that families often only have a very unbalanced diet and began putting together food packages that she delivers to those in need once a month with the help of women and volunteers.

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