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This great NGO WEHAF in Arusha Tanzania needs money.The salaries of the teachers and supervisors for childcare and the tailoring school must be paid every month. Food packages cost money and unfortunately money is always tight. The sales of the manufactured products and tourist offers represent a small additional income.

WEHAF is primarily financed through the work of volunteers, fundraising campaigns, sponsors, donations, etc.

How can you help?


Sponsor a child and regularly pay their school fees or teachers' salaries. Please write on the transfer if you would like to support a specific project.

Or simply make a donation - earmarked or free - there is always a "hole to fill"

Please don't forget to note your postal and email address so that we can issue you a donation receipt.

our bank connection



Deutsche Skat Bank

Branch of VR Bank Altenburger Land eG

Altenburger Str. 13, 04626 Schmölln

IBAN: DE55 8306 5408 0005 3011 73


Logo Wehaf Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe

Thank you for your donation


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