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About Us

The NGO WEHAF is growing and growing, Thedy has ideas and needs money to implement them. In recent years, WEHAF has had a lot of support from volunteers from all over the world, but also many from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. So that they can continue to support WEHAF and to simplify the financial process, we have decided to set up a non-profit association that can issue donation receipts to donors and sponsors.

How the association develops, whether and at which events we participate to draw attention to WEHAF, sell the goods we produce, etc., etc., will depend on who can and wants to get involved in our association WEHAF e.V..

We hope for a lively participation, good ideas and a lot of creativity and realization.

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The Management Board

1. Chairwomen Amrei Hailer

I got to know and love WEHAF at the end of 2020, when I was actually in Tanzania for a completely different project. I very quickly formed a close bond with Thedy (founder of the project) and the women at WEHAF and ended up staying there for eight months. Together with Hannah, I supported Thedy in maintaining and expanding the project in order to be able to provide even more help and support. I am now studying psychology in Graz (Austria) and would like to help WEHAF and the extremely important work of this project through the association.

2. Chairwoman Hannah Walser

I am 23 years old and currently studying architecture in Innsbruck, Austria. I traveled to Tanzania in 2020 to volunteer at a school for a year. After some time, I came across the WEHAF project, which immediately grew on me and I decided to spend the rest of my stay there. Amrei, Thedy, the founder of WEHAF, and I had a very good time together and also a great and effective collaboration. I see a lot of potential in this organization and would therefore like to continue supporting it.

Treasurer Beate Hoidn

I was in Tanzania for the first time in 2019 and initially helped VIVA Tanzania, supporting volunteers in the various volunteer projects, among other things. WEHAF has always particularly impressed me, Thedy with her many ideas, her power of implementation, her eye for the essentials. I always experience that the people in Tanzania get the best out of me, and that's why I even immerse myself in the association's work to give something back.

Secretary Regina Klusch

I came into contact with Tanzania on a private trip in 2018. My interest in WEHAF e.V. was sparked by the issue of disadvantage, i.e. the exclusion of certain groups of people. Through my commitment to the association, I can make a contribution to inclusion in society. Another is the promotion of local help for self-help, which is the focus of the projects.

Founding members

The seven founding members were the above-mentioned board members as well as Achim H., an important support thanks to his previous experience with other associations, Lydia S. from Austria, who got to know and love WEHAF during a stay in Tanzania, and Beatris S., who has been working for a better and fairer world all her life.

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