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Other projects

Mittagspause in der Schneiderklasse der Wehaf Frauen

The following projects were created to find sales markets for the training centers, especially the tailoring industry, and to also support the families in the neighborhood, both in the various courses, but sometimes also quite elementary with food packages so that they can make ends meet.

Food packages

Food packages for a month
Some families are unable to adequately support their family and are not healthy enough to generate their own source of income. WEHAF ensures that these women receive regular food packages every month.
Our food packages for a family consist of:
 5kg rice
 2kg beans
 5kg Ugali flour
 1 kg porridge flour
 2 liters of oil
 4 packets of milk
 1kg sugar
 1 row of soap
 I pack of tea bags

Compilation of the costs for the Wehaf food packages

The ELIMU project

Menstrual cycle education for girls - distribution of sanitary towels and underwear

Period poverty is a common problem among Tanzanian girls. Many families cannot afford sanitary pads for their daughters, which means girls cannot go to school during their periods. This means they miss several days of school every month, resulting in less education. WEHAF produces hygienic, reusable sanitary towels and distributes them to schools. We also ensure that the girls know what to consider during their menstrual cycle, how to use the pads and how to wash them. We also offer hygiene training. We not only offer sanitary pads, but also underwear and soap. Most girls don't have underwear and lack education about their menstrual cycle.

Pads, soap and panties for a year cost $15


not yet, but definitely soon.

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