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Training center

Sewing classes

The sewing program started in 2018. The course takes place Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. There are currently 16 women taking part. In addition to practical tailoring skills, the women also learn basic knowledge of how to run a business and thereby support themselves. After a year and passing the final exam, they are able to open their own tailoring shop.

The products they make during their classes are sold. You'll learn how to make a wide range of products - such as bags and tailored clothing.

Our goal is to sell many of these handmade unique pieces in Europe to ensure that the women have sufficient start-up capital after the course is completed. This enables them to open their own tailoring shop and secure their livelihood in the long term.

There are still many women waiting to join the course. This can be made possible through donations and the purchase of additional sewing machines.

Baking courses

The baking course started in 2019. In contrast to the sewing course, the program does not currently take place regularly due to lack of funds. Instead, we host a one-day class once a month where the women can learn how to make different types of cakes and cookies. The long-term goal is for women with these skills to then be able to open their own businesses.

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English courses

Since Arusha is a very touristy city, it is very important to learn English. Most of our women don't know English, so we start teaching them from scratch.



Women in our society tend to suffer from nutrient deficiencies because their diet is not balanced enough. Our nutrition course aims to educate our women about the importance of good nutrition and how it affects their health. In addition, we show them how to prepare simple and accessible healthy meals that are also affordable.

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