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Die Wehaf Familie vorm alten Wehaf Gebäude

day care

Our newest program is the day care course for children ages 3 to 5. Currently 60 children attend the class from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m., 5 days a week. The lessons are held in English in order to create a basis for the children's further education. In addition, education in English is very important, as mastering the world language is usually the basis for a better future.

This project was originally launched to relieve the burden on the mothers who attend the courses every day. This facility gives women the opportunity to fully concentrate on their training.

In addition to lessons, the children benefit from the social environment and one warm meal per day.

creative childcare at Wehaf.

Sponsorship program

sponsorship program - support a family

The sponsorship program was created for families in very poor circumstances.

In Tanzania, education is the only way to lead a better life. In principle, public schools are freely accessible and free of charge for everyone. However, certain costs still apply. This includes school supplies, lunches and school uniforms, without which the children will be expelled from school. Since many families don't even have enough money for basic foods, there is no way to cover these costs.

Through sponsorship, the children are offered a chance for a future. They not only receive education, but also two hot meals per day, which in turn relieves the financial burden on the families.

We currently have 32 profiles of families with children in need of sponsorship. Before registration, we visit the families at home and collect all the necessary information for the profile.

To bring the children to a state school, the costs are €15 per month per child. For an additional fee, there is also the option of allowing the children to attend a private school. In state primary schools, lessons are taught in Swahili, while from secondary school onwards lessons are only taught in English. For children who have the opportunity to attend secondary school after primary school, the lack of English skills creates a barrier that is difficult to overcome. In private schools, however, lessons are held in English from the start.


We have set up a place to stay with care in our children's home for up to ten children. 

This is intended for children who can no longer stay at home due to difficult circumstances, e.g. the mother is too sick to care for her children in the current situation, children who are exposed to sexual abuse, etc. This is the last one Possibility. We always try to ensure that the children can stay with their family and that the relationship between the children and their original family is strengthened.

Wehaf - Kinder aus extrem schwierigen Verhältnissen können hier übernachten
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