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Education and counseling

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An important part of WEHAF is raising awareness of HIV/AIDS. Many families are affected by it, but few know how to deal with it. This topic is usually hushed up and those affected are made out to be guilty and outsiders. Although HIV/AIDS is a very serious diagnosis, with the right treatment an almost normal life is possible.

Our goals in the fight against HIV/AIDS

1. prevent further HIV infections

2. improve HIV-related health outcomes for people living with HIV

3. reduce HIV-related inequalities and health disparities

4. achieve integrated, coordinated efforts that address the HIV epidemic among all partners and stakeholders

5. ensure equitable access to and uptake of HIV prevention programs

6. scale up HIV testing according to national guidelines

7. optimize rapid access to treatment and retention in care

8. improve the quality of life of people living with HIV/AIDS and combat stigmatization


Health and sex education


Many of our women do not know how to take good care of their health, and proper hygiene does not play a major role in their lives. We want to educate our women about the hygienic measures they should take to avoid contracting diseases and, if they have one, how they can prevent it from spreading. We also want to ensure that our women are aware of the different types of contraception and how to avoid sexually transmitted diseases.

Psychological counseling

Many women have lost hope after their HIV infection, mainly because they have to deal with a lot of stigmatization in society.

They are cut off from a good social network, so they have no one to help them. This can lead to alcohol addiction, prostitution and poor childcare.

Psychological support can help them find hope again and try to make the best of their lives.


Nutrition counseling

Women in our society tend to suffer from nutritional deficiencies because their diet is not balanced enough. Our nutrition course aims to educate our women about the importance of good nutrition and how it affects their health. In addition, we show them how to prepare simple and accessible healthy meals that are also affordable.


Especially with an HIV/AIDS infection, good nutrition is necessary to feel healthy. In addition, many people infected with HIV/AIDS also have diabetes and do not know how to live afterwards. The nutrition classes educate the women on the importance of dietary variations and teach them different recipes to give general ideas on what to eat when dealing with HIV/AIDS and/or diabetes.

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